Prest-Vuksic Architects

Owners Representative


Prest Vuksic Architects serves as an Owner Representative for many developers and property owners.  

This may occur when the Owner has an Architect that is not local and can benefit from the aid of a local liaison familiar with local officials and local design vernacular.

This can also occur in cases where the Owner has a completed project and requires on-going services related to proposed Tenant Improvement or Signage review as tenant’s lease spaces in the building(s).

As an Owner Representative, our services include the following:

  • Refinements to the design and/or presentation package to aid in the City design approval process
  • Negotiate with City Departments when appropriate on items that require some concession or more specific review
  • Advise the Owner regarding nuances in the City review and approval process
  • Submit the required documents to the City for design review
  • Attend public hearings and speak as the Owner Representative
  • Be “on-call” to advise the Owner and Architect during the construction document phase as it relates to local standards
  • Submit Construction Documents to the City or other governing agencies and negotiate, if needed, regarding plancheck comments
  • Assist during construction as needed, including assessing changes that occur and discussing them with the City and work to expedite their approval
  • Review Tenant’s proposed designs for interior build-outs, awnings and signage and advise the Owner in terms of how the design impacts the building mechanically and aesthetically
  • Work with the Owner and/or Tenant to aid in City approvals of the Tenant design and construction drawings